regAction is a privately held EMIS service provider headquartered in Houston, Texas. ICF Kaiser Engineering began operations in Houston, Texas in 1991. The corporation was founded in 1997 as a spin-off of the Central US offices of ICF Kaiser Engineering. regAction programming began in 1998, and the regAction system was deployed as the “Original” and the first Environmental SaaS (Software as a Service) or ‘Application Service Provider’ (ASP). In March 1998, regAction acquired its first client.  Through the use of regAction, the client was able to successfully support their annual emissions inventory reporting efforts. regAction divested the remediation and consulting group from the company prior to 2011, and has since dedicated the company to the regAction software products and services support.

The regAction leadership team has been in place since the founding of the company in 1997. There have been no merger or acquisition activities or change of ownership in the company’s history. The regAction client base is established in a diverse range of industry including chemicals, refining, public utilities, pipelines, terminal operations, exploration and production, oilfield services, manufacturing and service related organizations.

regAction hosts an Annual User Group Forum to continuously secure feedback. The UGF enhances the regAction software product roadmap and facilitates a forum to share best practices among its clients and partners. regAction continues to develop its products, maintain its valued online client support, and provide a proven reliable cost effective software solution.