With the recent adaptation of new drilling and completion technologies, the E&P industry has increased its exposure to the regulatory environment. The industry’s compliance practices are experiencing more scrutiny than in the past. The EPA and OSHA have enacted new reporting requirements that many E&P organizations face today.  An integrated solution is needed to report incidents expeditiously and record waste, water and air activities more efficiently. The regAction solution assists in promoting best practices and proactive field compliance efforts. Incident data and multimedia activities can be captured, in the field, through the use of mobile devices equipped with regAction.  The easy to use regAction dashboards and reports reveal strategic KPI’s to management. The regAction software helps to satisfy agency requirements such as accurate GHG and OSHA reporting. E&P organizations that use regACtion are equipped with the necessary information to make proactive and well-informed decisions. The culmination of E&P company values with regAction’s premier technology ultimately leads to being a better citizen and keeper of safety and environmental integrity.