regAction webApplicability® software helps organizations to determine, monitor, and manage regulatory applicability to drive associated tasks. Partnerships with STP and Bloomberg BNA regulatory services allow for integration of regulatory content within regAction.  

Key Features of webApplicability

  • Create tasks automatically based on site and asset regulatory applicability
  • Perform positive and negative asset applicability analysis
  • Seamless webCMS and webAudits integration
  • Monitor Regulations through management of change (MOC) process for tasks and audit protocols
  • When rules change keeps tasks and audit protocols evergreen by refining applicability analyses
  • Configure reports based on regulatory perspectives and organization hierarchy levels

webApplicability  Benefits

webApplicability allows the entire organization to determine regulatory applicability for sites and assets. Tasks and Audit Protocols are automatically generated and updated when Management of Change workflows are triggered by citation changes. This dynamic lifecycle produces evergreen tasks and audits throughout the entire organization to ensure consistent regulatory compliance.