regAction Compliance Management System (webCMS®) provides a systematic approach to centralizing compliance tasks stewardship, documentation, and related information.  

Key Features of webCMS

  • Track and monitor completed and overdue tasks and assign them to individuals or groups
  • Manage site specific permits, citations, and regulations
  • Manage data relating to tasks, deviations, citations, and assets
  • Easily create Title V deviation reporting for submittal to appropriate regulatory authority
  • Link activities by citation, rule, and permit conditions
  • Escalate task notifications to management
  • Configure one-time and recurring frequency tasking schedules
  • Send direct link email reminders for upcoming and future events
  • Maintain compliance documents, notes, external links, and supporting detail
  • Flexible query reporting and dashboard charting

webCMS Benefits

webCMS is designed to enable personnel to identify, communicate, and complete required compliance activity efforts with minimum cost and effort across the corporation.  Tasking activities can be accomplished in the field through the use of webCMS mobile.