regAction webKPI® software is designed to capture a complete representation of enterprise-wide sustainability.

Key Features of webKPI

  • Capture KPIs for air emissions, waste, wastewater, energy, safety, health and carbon footprint, etc.
  • Enter data in preferred engineering units and currency with multi-language capability
  • Includes rich charting, enterprise reporting, and streamlined data entry

Collect and report:

  • Air Emissions – Greenhouse Gases, Ozone Depleting Substances, Metals, Carcinogens, Chlorinated, Organic and inorganic Compounds
  • Waste – Total amount of material Incinerated, Landfilled, Injected, Recycle/Reclaimed, Recovery, Physical and Energy
  • Wastewater – Total volumes consumed, Used for, Treatment, Reused, Offsite Released, and pollutant TOC, COD, BOD, ph, Inorganics, Metals, Total Solids and specific site contaminants.
  • Energy – Direct Emissions, Mass or volume of material consumed, Electricity generated/purchased/sold, and cost of fuels.
  • Safety – Number of employees and contractors, Injuries, Lost work, restricted, first aids, Type of injuries, exposures
  • Health – Numbers of Operational Medical Visits, and diagnoses
  • Transportation – Numbers of shipments by media, Quantities of products and goods, and Accidents
  • Carbon footprint – Collect, calculate, and monitor carbon impression

webKPI Benefits

The webKPI built-in calculation engine allows for the creation of derived metrics so that external calculation tools are not required. The system allows for end users to capture and report organizations’ sustainability metrics effectively and efficiently.