regAction webAudits® is an enterprise-class auditing system that allows organizations to create, schedule, document and monitor performance to ensure compliance. Pre-audit questionnaires, enhanced by STP and BBNA content, can be leveraged to automatically generate audit protocols specific to facilities characteristics. 

Business Efficiencies of webAudits

  • Streamline and simplify audit processes
  • Supports external and internal audits
  • Reduce risks and ensure compliance using centrally managed audit processes
  • Configurable environmental, health, safety, IT, management system etc, protocols
  • Document findings and observations to generate recommendations and corrective action plans
  • Collect and maintain any pictures, files, documentation, and notes

webAudits Benefits

webAudits minimizes audit team efforts and maximizes the overall effectiveness of audits. The webAudits solution supports centrally managed audit protocols to reduce risks and ensure compliance. webAudits mobile allows users to take the entire audit or subsets of the audit into the field when necessary.  Findings, observations, protocol questions, documentation, and working papers can easily be captured anytime and anywhere through any device using webAudits.