regAction Incident Management System (webIMS®) is designed to assist in managing incidents and near misses that occur across the enterprise. Leading and lagging incident KPIs can be viewed on corporate dashboards to keep management apprised.

Key Features of webIMS

  • Provides intuitive user interface with message queues that prompt users step-by-step through the incident lifecycle
  • Expedite incident resolution with the of use action items and projects that subscribe to dynamic workflows and systematic workflows
  • Capture and analyze root cause metrics to predict, minimize, and eliminate future incident occurrences
  • Create custom category risk matrix ratings and questions that trigger workflow processes and alerts
  • Produce OSHA 300A and OSHA 301 Forms by tracking man hours and TRIR metrics
  • Automate email notifications and reminders sent to responsible parties based on action item assignments
  • Protect employees from HIPPA violations with the health and safety shields and security
  • Streamline incident resolution workflows through the use of documenting and reporting on numerous incident elements

webIMS Benefits

webIMS provides organizations with the necessary tools to proactively respond to incidents. The webIMS enterprise software ultimately reduces safety and environmental risks and concerns. Near to real-time incident reporting can be accomplished through the use of webIMS mobile.