EHS Executives are facing a growing array of compliance challenges. Their concerns include an ever changing regulatory environment with more enhanced regulations, fixed or decreasing budgets, increased compliance risks to name a few. They are expected to do this with the same or even less personnel. IEA’s regAction suite of EMIS software solutions allows the executive to:

  • Utilize outsourced expertise – SaaS solutions deployed by outsourced experts providing improved product delivery and support
  • Provide affordable and predictable IT expenditures replacing highly depreciable assets (hardware and software)
  • Deliver fast deployment, in months, to lower TCO with predictable IT expenses reducing operational costs
  • Utilize a system that will scale with the company compliance needs, adding functionality, not personnel
  • Apply industry best practices that will remain up to date and evergreen
  • Uncover and utilize mass amounts of data, eliminating duplicate or inaccurate data equaling one version of the truth
  • Reduce technical and financial risks
  • Utilize dashboard and KPI’s for more accurate and timely strategic decision making and reporting

regAction will help manage Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) related risks, improve EHS data management, streamline regulatory compliance and will meet or exceed corporate EHS compliance goals.